Monday, February 20, 2006

Great Movie reviews to read before taking kids to movies
I've had this bookmarked for awhile, but so far we've only watched movies at home with my girls and usually have already seen them or know they're "safe." Like Veggie Tales. I pretty much know those will be OK for them.

But this weekend we thought we'd venture into new territory. For the first time ever, we took a family trip to the movie theater! We saw Curious George and I checked out the review on this site and it was right on. It outlines things like:
bad language
bad attitudes
scary music (a big deal that we tend to forget)
tobacco and alcohol usage

I think the review caught more than I even saw. Based on the review we decided it would be a good movie for our girls and it was.

Ideally, parents would be able to see the movie first. But at over $9 a pop for a ticket, that can add up. This site is an invaluable tool for those wanting to take a trip to see a new movie.


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