Thursday, March 09, 2006

Podegi Love

I used a padded ring sling with my first daughter. It was a gift and it served me well. With my second, I opted for a wrap sling (like the Moby Wrap or EllaRoo Wrap). I wanted something that would distribute the baby's weight over both shoulders and hips. As most of you know, I LOVE the Moby. It is so versatile and I still use it with my two year old when I want a hip carry. But I've recently discovered the korean-style Podegi.

You should also discover the Podegi if:
you have an older/bigger baby or toddler who needs to be held often.
you're pregnant and still like/need to wear a baby. The Podegi can tie over your "bump."
you have shoulder trouble (the wide version has a shoulder-free traditional carry option).
your baby always needs you when you're wanting to cook, clean, etc.

I couldn't have discovered it at a better time. I never thought I'd be wearing a two year old. My oldest was done with the sling as soon as she was able to walk. My youngest, though, needs to be carried every day, around the time I'm making dinner. "Up, up!" I hear. The hip carry wasn't working when I was trying to cut tomatoes for the salad. And she was finally too big for the back carry in the Moby. The Podegi answered my prayers!

I have the narrow style and put her on my back to get work done, when grocery shopping and running errands. And sometimes when she just asks for it. The weight is mostly on my hips, as I carry her in the piggy-back style position. She was recently sick aknd I wore her on my front, as well. We both were quite content.

If you are a Moby wearer, this should be an easy transition for you. It has long straps, but thinner than the Moby's. On my third try I had it down. I use the narrow style, good for toddlers and summer time (less material covering baby's legs). The wide style is great for all babies and for a mom with shoulder trouble, as she can wear it wrapped around her chest and not put weight on her shoulders.

And, as always, any of you who venture into Podegi territory will not venture alone. I will be there to help. If at $69 the Podegi is currently out of your budget, don't forget with just $100 in collective party sales, you can get it at half price!
(Quick! There are a few wide style podegi's in the clearance sale. Get one now!)

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